Coconut Residue Bio-refinery

Coconut husk is one of the main residues generated in the coconut industry. Natural purpose of the coconut husk attributes to interesting properties of the bio material derived from coconut husk. Coconut tree can grow up to 6 - 10 meters high and thrives in high salt soil conditions. The fruit falls upon maturity and is carried by ocean for dispersal and germination across the tropical and sub tropical belt.

The husk absorbs the impact of the fall as well as prevents salt water degradation during several months of journey in the ocean. The fiber derived from the husk, has high impact resistance thus finding application in mattress, seating solution, carpets and acoustic fabrics. The longer duration of biodegradability and salt water resistance perfectly suits the geotextile industry and aquaculture applications. The residual pith leftover from the fiber extraction process is an excellent growing medium and hydrophilic absorbent.

The transformation process of the husk to fiber and pith is dependent on maturity of the husk and retting time and method of retting. We have developed in-house methodology using mechanical extraction and natural retting for optimal conversion. Our technology can be adapted to different scales varying from coconut processing factories to coconut farm applications.

With our trade research and global supply chain, we can guide you to make better decision and product diversification portfolio based on fiber and pith to ensure returns on your investment. We help you become more sustainable by reducing environmental impact, creating local jobs, generating value in the market and reducing imports from other countries.

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Banana Residue Bio-refinery

Peduncle is a high volume residue generated in the banana fruit supply chain. Peduncle serves as a mechanical support and nutrient supply medium for the development of the fruit. The peduncle is rich in potassium and consists of high quality lignocellulosic fiber. A banana fruit bunch can vary in weight from 20 to 40 kilograms. The fiber gives strength to the peduncle and has high percentage of cellulose.
We process the peduncle to fiber, organic fertilizer and nutrient enhancement solution for aguaculture. We process fiber to high quality pulp and hessian textiles to make sacks and shopping bags. We also produce high quality natural fiber fill material.
A vast residual stream in tropical and sub tropical countries that can provide sustainable solution to the most challenging issues of climate change. The applications are plenty ranging from tea bags, hessian fabrics, apparel industry and many more.
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