An integrated bio refinery concept, first of its kind derived from residues of pineapple farming to produce innovative bio-products.

Our Process

After Pineapple fruit harvest, the leaves and stems are either burned or composted. We process the left over leaf and stem to 3 bioproducts for the modern industries ranging from textiles, food colouring and pharma.

Our Production Location

We collaborate with one of the largest Pineapple farms in Ecuador – Terrasol, situated in Santo Domingo,
Ecuador that exports fresh fruit to US and Europe.

Production Capabilities

With over 1000 hectares of cultivation, harvesting on an average of 60 000 pineapples per hectare, there is an astounding amount of over 200 tons of residues generated per day.

Our strategic access to such high volume of residues on a daily basis and local industrial collaborations gives us the competitive edge in the global market.