To develop natural fibers from agro waste.

To develop natural fibers from agro-waste.

To innovate biodegradable solutions based on natural fibers through technology and market collaboration.

To be circular across the supply chain, product design, and manufacturing; nature – fiber – product – market – nature

We are a group of professionals from various industries connected by one sole purpose – passion for natural fibers. The project started off as community development for improving rural industries based on natural fibers. Later we started exploring different natural fibers used in traditional communities across the globe and how it is integrated into the local economy. We realized that traditional industries were losing significance in modern society owing to increasing use of synthetic industrial products. Thus we took on the challenge of integrating modern technology to assist in re-shaping and re-evaluating the traditional natural fiber industry by adding functionality to the product and diversifying across industries. That is where the concept of circular fiber tech was born. Through our journey since 2017, we have developed a vast network across the globe on fiber extraction, manufacturers, technology developers and clients across different industries.

Natural fibers based on agro-waste streams have been our focus since 2019. Our vast experience of material sourcing, quality metrics, technological feasibility and limitations and constant research has built us a rich knowledge to drive product development to meet sustainability goals of the new market needs. We believe that our solution can mitigate the pressing needs of modern times like climate change, pollution etc without compromising the expectations of the market.