Our Quest is to Innovate Solutions that are Circular By Nature and Sustainable By Design

We source, research and develop scalable biodegradable solutions from sustainable natural fibers. Client collaboration, Technology partners, Traceability, Quality assurance and Continuous research define our organization.

Our solutions intend to mitigate the pressing issues of modern times...

Plastic in Nature

Plastic In Ocean

Plastic In Ocean

Plastic In Ocean

.... by embracing the circularity of nature

The infinite circularity of natural processes and its micro and macro interdependencies has allowed life to thrive and evolve on earth. Natural fibers are an abundantly available natural resource that has evolved to serve unique purposes in nature; ranging from impact resistance of coir fibers to save the fruit from breaking, buoyancy of cotton fibers allowing dispersal of seeds using the wind and tenacity of banana fibers that provides structural integrity of banana tree without a wooden stem.

At CIRCULAR FIBER TECH, we innovate solutions to be part of their innate purpose. We are in a constant exploration of novel natural fibers, eco-friendly technologies and innovative design to develop sustainable solutions for diverse industries.